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South Lake Tahoe Rental Cabin Scams

There are a few vacation rental scams in South Lake Tahoe. I have had guests call me about concerns about renting a home in South Lake Tahoe, so I hope this will help. Some ways to check if you are dealing with a legitimate business:

Phone Number
A legitimate business will have a phone number that you can call. Our phone number is 415-505-2525 and you are welcome to call us anytime. We usually answer the phone but sometimes we are out of the office but we will call you back quickly. A scam vacation rental home will not provide a phone number.

A legitimate vacation rental cabin will have a professional website. If you find an ad on craigslist that only shows some pictures, you should be careful. If someone has spent time designing a professional website to show off their rental home, it is usually legitimate.

Chamber of Commerce
Call the local Chamber of Commerce in South Lake Tahoe and you can ask about the owner's name, website, phone number, etc. They will know if they are real business.

City of South Lake Tahoe
The City of South Lake Tahoe has a vacation rental ordinance. All vacation rental homes have to have a permit in order to do business. You can call their office and check to make sure the address has the required permit.

Payments Accepted
Some vacation rental homes in Tahoe ask you to wire them money or to pay with Western Union. If a company asks you to pay by Western Union, you can be 99% sure it is a scam.

Check out a Tahoe Vacation Rental Home's reviews online. There are many places to research such as Flipkey, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews, Yahoo Reviews, or Yelp. We are very proud that 95% of our reviews on are 4-5 stars.